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1(46) 2019


S. Pakhomov, LLC «Electrotech-Media», Izhevsk, Russia

Abstract The concept and method of constructing a new class of images in descriptive geometry for visualizing the proportions of architectural objects is introduced. A mathematical model of rotation of 3D-object images with a fixed center of projection is developed. From the original photo, images are built that are equivalent to pictures taken from the given viewpoint in a new direction. This allows one to determine the size and proportions of the objects in the photo, as well as to restore the foreshortening parameters. In graphic editors, the normalized facade can serve as an efficient tool for correcting “inclined buildings” in photos and determining the proportions that were introduced on the frontal projection.
Keywords: normalized facade, descriptive geometry, linear perspective, perspective reconstruction, architectural analysis
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Pakhomov S. Normalized Facade. Architecture and Modern Information Technologies, 2019, no.1(46), pp.369-392. Available at: