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About AMIT

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The international electronic scientific-educational journal “Architecture and Modern Information Technologies”, the abbreviated title AMIT, is the reviewed electronic periodical founded in 2007 and published by «Moscow architectural institute» (State academy) - the leading Russian scientific and educational - methodical center in the field of architectural education.
The address of accommodation in a network the Internet: http://www.marhi.ru/AMIT.

Functions of the publisher of journal are assigned by the founder to Editorial staff of the international electronic scientific - educational journal Architecture and Modern Information Technologies, being structural division of the founder.

The subjects of journal covers:
- Theory and history of architecture, restoration and reconstruction of a historical-architectural heritage;
- Architecture of buildings and constructions. Creative concepts of architectural activity;
- Town-planning, lay-out of rural settlements.

The purposes of journal are:
- Creation, support and development of common information space in the field of architectural education with application of modern information technologies;
- Expansion and deepening of contacts of architectural universities, institutes and faculties of the different countries at carrying out of scientific and educational-methodical researches in the specified area;
- An exchange of the scientific and educational-methodical information and assistance in application of the newest information technologies in architectural education and practical architectural designing.

To achieve these goals, we provide the ability to publish research results in the following areas:
- Information technologies at all stages of modern architectural education, with accent on educational and real architectural designing;
- Modern town-planning information systems, a computerization of various sections of town-planning activity;
- Engineering geometry and computer graphics in architectural shape formation and visualization;
- Philosophical, psychological and sociological problems of interaction of the person with "virtual" space;
- Computer art.

Taking into account modern rapid development of information technologies, editorial staff considers as expedient expansion, addition and change of the listed directions. For the fullest representation of results of scientific researches, editorial staff maintains and expands contacts with international scientific associations and allows the publication of articles in Russian or in English.

Access to journal is free.

Minimum system requirements:
- Operating system: MS Windows XP professional;
- Browsers: Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox;
- Software: Acrobat Reader, Adobe Flash Player

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