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Academic Activity

Preliminary preparation


The Institute is open to all citizens of the Russian Federation, who have completed high school desire to become architects. Information in respect to the Institute and preliminary preparation is periodically mentioned in the press (publications of the Institute). Annually there are architectural Olympiads and an open house. Amongst specific Moscow schools, special courses are offered by teachers of the institute. For the preparation of admission and study at the Institute evening and day-time courses are offered. In the evening the courses last either 1.5 years or 9 months. The preliminary students choose among topics of general education and specialized subjects, based on which entrance exams are taken. Most of the evening pupils are from grade 9 -11. Day-time preliminary courses are designated for those who have a high school diploma. The academic year is from October to June. The curriculum offers a basic architectural education. Evening preliminary courses : +7(495)623-43-12, day-time : +7(495)623-95-89.