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2(43) 2018

Authors D.A. Karelin, M.A. Karelina, Moscow Institute of Architecture (State Academy), Moscow, Russia
Abstract The article is devoted to methods and approaches of the visualization and presentation of 3D-reconstructions of architectural monuments. Its characteristics versus the aims of the reconstruction are the object of this study. Main theoretical basis of this topic created by Boris Rauschenbach in his research works devoted to visual perception in art. The results of the research is the selection of two different on principle types of visualization images and several criteria for each type.

architectural monuments, 3D reconstruction, 3D visualization, viewing angle, viewpoint, perspective, plane of projection, Raushenbach

article Article (RUS)

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For citation

Karelin D.A., Karelina M.A. Reflection on the Methods and Ways of Scientific 3D-Reconstructions Presentation. Architecture and Modern Information Technologies, 2018, no.2(43), pp.372-393. Available at: http://marhi.ru/eng/AMIT/2018/2kvart18/25_karelin/index.php