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3(44) 2018

Article urban development parameters AND favorable environmental conditions

I. Krasheninnikov, Moscow Institute of Architecture (State Academy), Moscow, Russia

Abstract The article desribing modern tendencies in the design of high-density buildings reveals the relationship between the three-dimensional structure of the building and the conditions of the external environment of urban fabric. As a result of the study, the "Spacematrix" approach was modified and a graph combining FSI (Floor space index), Open Space Index (OSI), and the open space availability index was proposed. Based on the analysis of 45 modeled building sites, 12 enlarged types of development were identified. For each of them, the environmental conditions (insolation, ventilation, availability of open space and green areas) were determined. As a result, 5 enlarged types of development with the most favorable environmental conditions were identified. The modern tendencies of designing of high density building are revealed.
Keywords: FSI (Floor space index), Gross Space Index (GSI), Open Space Index (OSI), Spaciousness (OSR), environmental comfort, insolation, ventilation
article Article (RUS)

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For citation

Krasheninnikov I. Urban Development Parameters and Favorable Environmental Conditions. Architecture and Modern Information Technologies, 2018, no.3(44), pp.262-275. Available at: http://marhi.ru/eng/AMIT/2018/3kvart18/15_krasheninnikov/index.php