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2(39) 2017

Authors T. Shulika, Moscow Institute of Architecture (State Academy), Moscow, Russia

In article evolutionary processes of modern art language of XX-XXI centuries and his urgent tendencies are considered. Interrelations of art, the architecture and design united by morphology and semantics of the common visual and plastic language are shown. The revealed characteristics of the modern art language (MAL) are considered in the context of evolution of architectural and design practice of XX – the beginning of XXI century. Results of an educational research within discipline «Modern art language» and their use in course design are considered. Experience of introduction of results of a research in practice of educational design is illustrated on the example of the IV course case-task The Hybrid Building with Educational Function in the Design of the Architectural Environment direction.

Keywords: modern art language, visual culture, universality, environmental design, environmental atmosphere, architectural and design engineering
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