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3(48) 2019

Authors M. Vengerova
Moscow Institute of Architecture (State Academy), Moscow, Russia
Abstract The article links the linear measures used in ancient Russian churches with the previously identified geometric principles inherent for their proportions and closely connected with the philosophical understanding of the world order by Christians. These principles were used for interior dimensioning in ancient Russian churches of the 10th 15th centuries and include the “quadrature of a circle” problem solved geometrically in temples with a width-to-length ratio of 8:9, 10:13, 2:3, 5:8; the Life Giving Pillar with its horizontal projection equal to the area under the dome in ¾ of the churches, and with a height to the central point of the vault in ratios 1:3, 1:4, 1:5 to its diameter; theological image of the Holy Trinity as a horizontal projection of the divine light river flowing from the central dome space and divided into two branches, according to Gregory the Theologian (4th century); and fractions used in the practical dimensioning of the symbolic zones of visible world and invisible world. It is proposed to restore the chronicle name of the Belt of Christ measure (1.05 to 1.08 m), which is a half of the Byzantine fathom orguia (2.12 to 2.17 m). The difference between the two ways of the Holy Trinity representation in ancient Russian churches is explained: its theological concept expressed through a geometrical and symbolic image, or a dedication to it in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
Keywords: architecture, geometry, philosophy, measures, Ancient Russian, the quadrature of circle, Church, Christianity, the Belt of Christ
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Vengerova M. Philosophical and Geometric Systems of Linear Measures Used in Ancient Russian Churches in the XXV centuries. Architecture and Modern Information Technologies, 2019, no.3(48), pp.23-37. Available at: https://marhi.ru/AMIT/2019/3kvart19/PDF/02_vengerova.pdf