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2(47) 2019

AuthorsS. Ulyanovskaya1
Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Moscow, Russia
AbstractThe article discusses current problems and trends in the organization of architectural space, activating the associative thinking of a person. The possibilities of a person’s motivation for specific feelings and states are analyzed through the architectural space of educational institutions. The main problem is the emergence of subdominant associations, which the architect did not plan to call, forming the space. The state of study of architectural morphogenesis and direct associations with it in related sciences, such as gestalt psychology, color psychology and sociology, is analyzed. A rethinking of the basic principles of the formation of space through the possibility of attracting natural analogues and children's artistic creativity is given. The principles of the morphogenesis of space, which cause favorable or neutral associations, and have a beneficial effect on the psychological state of a person, are formulated. These principles may be included as starting points in the design into practical recommendations to the author-architect. The article is debatable.
Keywords: morphogenesis of architectural space, associations, educational institutions, the influence of architecture on humans
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Ulyanovskaya S. Morphogenesis of Architectural Space of Educational Institutions. Architecture and Modern Information Technologies, 2019, no.2(47), pp.186-203. Available at: https://marhi.ru/AMIT/2019/2kvart19/PDF/12_uljanovskaja.pdf