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A.K. Solovyov, Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (National Research University), Moscow, Russia
K.A. Solovyov, FGBOU VO Moscow State Stroganov Academy, Moscow, Russia, Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (National Research University), Moscow, Russia


The article discusses the architectural and artistic understanding of the construction of Orthodox churches in the Russian Federation. Raises the problem of interaction of clients and architects in the design of new places of worship. Discusses important problems of modern religious architecture. The most important problem of modern religious architecture is the issue of the use of new construction materials, the need of connecting the traditional religious architecture with modern architectural design solutions. It is noted that the big problem is the architecture itself is constructed of modern religious buildings can often be characterized as an appeal to the architectural traditions of the past, as well as a very large of different quality to the nature of constructed facilities, from the authentic architectural structures to the primitive churches that were built without any project.

Keywords: Religious architecture, Church architecture, the program 200 churches, new building materials, architectural solutions, modern Church art
article Article (RUS)

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