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1(50) 2020

Authors A. Ohanyan, K. Azatyan
National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia
Abstract In the article are considered the main reasons for the need of reconstruction in cities, quarters and environment. Several examples that have been implemented in different cities of the world are studied. Summarizing their features, the main tasks in the process of reconstruction of cities and quarters are revealed. As well the research about the history of the formation of Yerevan city is made in order to understand the reasons for the current situation. The data of the preliminary projects developed so far are summarized. As a result, the problems encountered in the quarters are grouped in several directions. Some methods for classification of residential quarters of the city center of Yerevan are proposed in order to facilitate further researches and formation of project proposals in this field.
Keywords: Yerevan, city center, reconstruction of residential quarters, problems of the organization of architectural environment, classification of residential quarters
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Ohanyan A., Azatyan K. Perspectives of Reconstruction of the Residential Quarters in the Centre of Yerevan City. Architecture and Modern Information Technologies, 2020, no. 1(50), pp. 225237. Available at: https://marhi.ru/AMIT/2020/1kvart20/PDF/14_ohanyan.pdf DOI: 10.24411/1998-4839-2020-15014