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4(49) 2019

Authors M.Shubenkov, M.Shubenkova, K.Kartashova, Moscow Institute of Architecture (State Academy), Moscow, Russia
Abstract The article presents the arguments on the need to form the foundations of a new theory of sustainable development of modern urban planning systems as an integral system of scientific knowledge about the processes of spatial commensurable interaction of the biosphere and the technosphere. The history of the emergence of the concept of sustainable development of urban systems is considered, the prospects for the development of this theory are determined. The idea of developing new ideas about urban planning systems as a complex model of development of the biotechnosphere, involving the formation and development of an artificial urbanized environment of society in a harmonious and balanced interaction with the natural environment, is presented.
Keywords: urban planning system, natural environment, symbiotic interactions, balanced development, sustainable development
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Shubenkov M., Shubenkova M., Kartashova K. Symbiotic Development of Urbanized and Natural Territories. Architecture and Modern Information Technologies, 2019, no.4(49), pp.215-223. Available at: https://marhi.ru/AMIT/2019/4kvart19/PDF/14_shubenkov.pdf DOI: 10.24411/1998-4839-2019-00015