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3(48) 2019

Authors E. Bezverkhaya, A. Scopintsev
Academy of Architecture and Arts of the South Federal University, Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Abstract The article analyzes the concept of formation of new architectural objects of transport infrastructure-intermodal transport hubs. It is proposed to expand the functions of transport hubs, allowing them to transform into social and business centers, which is actual in the formation of zones of advanced development – "aerotropolis". Six stable functional-typological models of transport hubs were revealed on the basis of functional-dimensional modeling: centric, linear, cross (bridge), complex-dissected, multicenter and open. There is revealed the most effective and expedient functional-typological model of transport hub for perspective development of the Platov aerotropolis in the Rostov region.
Keywords: intermodal transport hub, fanctional model, transport infrastructure, social and business center, aeropolis
article Article (RUS)

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Bezverkhaya E., Scopintsev A. Fanctional-Typological Models in Architecture of Intermodal Transport Hub. Architecture and Modern Information Technologies, 2019, no.3(48), pp.135-147. Available at: https://marhi.ru/AMIT/2019/3kvart19/PDF/10_bezverhaja.pdf