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4(45) 2018

Article The metamodern structure of archipelago city in architectural concepts (C. Rowe, F. Koetter, O.M.Ungers, R. Koolhaas, P.V. Aureli)

. Iashkevich, Moscow Institute of Architecture (State Academy), Moscow, Russia

Abstract The structure of archipelago city in the concepts of metamodernism of such authors as K.Rowe, F.Koetter, O.M.Ungers, R.Koolhaas, P.V.Aureli is considered in the article. The definition of an archipelago city is formulated and its constituent structures are derived. The main provisions of the authors’ ideas are presented, and the city models for each of them are examined in detail, and the rules for constructing the architecture based on the models considered are also generalized. The differences between the metamodern concepts of the archipelago city and modern urban planning ideas are presented.
Keywords: architectural concepts of metamodernism, structure of the city, archipelago city
article Article (RUS)

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For citation

Iashkevich . The Metamodern Structure of Archipelago City in Architectural Concepts (C.Rowe, F. Koetter, O.M. Ungers, R. Koolhaas, P.V. Aureli). Architecture and Modern Information Technologies, 2018, no.4(45), pp.367-376. Available at: http://marhi.ru/eng/AMIT/2018/4kvart18/26_jashkevich/index.php