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4(45) 2018




A.R. Klochko, A.K. Klochko , Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Moscow, Russia

Abstract Architectural community forced to think about the problem of the living space parameters possible reduction because of unresolved problems about comfortable housing for temporary and permanent residence in many countries. The article studies the world trend of development of the architectural environment for living along the path of rigid minimization of environmental parameters while maintaining a sufficient level of comfort. The factors, influencing the tendency of minimization of living space, the world experience in the construction of a minimal super-economical living environment and creative searches of famous architects in this field are considered.
Keywords: compact living space, hotels of the zero economic class, microhouses, mini-apartments, capsule hotels
article Article (RUS)

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Klochko A.R., Klochko A.K. Searching for Minimal Residential Spaces. Architecture and Modern Information Technologies, 2018, no.4(45), pp.279-293. Available at: http://marhi.ru/eng/AMIT/2018/4kvart18/19_klochko/index.php