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4(45) 2018


N. Vassiliev, Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Moscow, Russia

Abstract Today, heritage preservation tasks require not only continuation of the launched processes for documentation of large-scale housing projects of 1920-1930s, but also working out real mechanisms for regulation of capital repairs and restoration (in case of cultural heritage properties). It is especially important to preserve the residential function. It seems that the main reason of residents’ discontent and resentment is lack of clear prospect for improvement of housing conditions, and they often become hostages of the situation. Private capital is not always interested in investments in preservation of mass-housing, including because of the low density. Moreover, preservation policy has some issues within professional discourse where stylistic change and decline from ‘pure constructivism still perceived as decline of architecture quality itself.
Keywords: mass-housing, residential architecture, Soviet architecture, avant-garde, post-constructivism, “transitional” style
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Vassiliev N. Problems of the First Five-Year Plans Residential Buildings Protection. Architecture and Modern Information Technologies, 2018, no.4(45), pp.193-202. Available at: http://marhi.ru/eng/AMIT/2018/4kvart18/13_vasilev/index.php