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4(41) 2017

ArticleTHE ROLE OF THE High-span shell FORMS IN architecture OF PUBLIC BUILDINGS
Authors K. Dushkevich, Moscow Institute of Architecture (State Academy), Moscow, Russia
AbstractThe article presents an overview of the importance of high-span shell constructions in form-making of public buildings. In architectural practice, high-span shell constructions are the challenge for the technical possibilities of the human beings and principles of physics and nature. Since the Pantheon was built, constructing high-span shells becomes an engineering event for the architecture. The states and the architecture industries are in permanent competition to cover big distances with this kind of constructions. In the second half of the 20th century the highest span was about app. 300 meters. Russia have got rich, but now almost forgotten experience in high-span designing; let's name just some of them: Shukhov’s grid shells and constructions designed for the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. Lately, a trivial structural decision is usually preferred in modern Russian architecture, and the variety of high-span load bearing systems is neglected. Nevertheless, in modern Russia, there is a high demand for sport and exhibition venues, transport buildings (airports, transport hubs, coverings and shells for railway stations, highways, etc.)
Keywords: high-span constructions, steel constructions, grid-shell structure, public facilities, structure morphology, V.G. Shukhov
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For citation

Dushkevich K. The Role of the High-Span Shell Forms in Architecture of Public Buildings. Architecture and Modern Information Technologies, 2017, no.4(41), pp. 163-178. Available at: http://marhi.ru/eng/AMIT/2017/4kvart17/12_duskevich/index.php