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4(41) 2017

Authors D. Melodinsky, Moscow Institute of Architecture (State Academy), Moscow, Russia
AbstractParametric direction in contemporary architecture, based on innovative IT technologies - is one of the most advanced design methodology of architectural creativity. The Manifest of parametric architecture reveals the core of its expressive language is treated as a completely new stylistic phenomenon with no roots in traditional classical arts. Among the old means of artistic expression, dynamics is at the leading edge. Compositional formshaping practice of parametric architecture most clearly is seen in the experience of its indisputable leader Zaha Hadid. Art professed critical reviews do not share the enthusiasm of intellectual elites, who see in exclusive facilities the beginning of the future of architecture. On the contrary, it detects the detrimental signs of anti-humanism, no-ghost which are special to technogeneous artificial environment.
Keywords: architectural composition, manifesto of parametric, Zaha Hadid, deconstructivism in architecture, criticism of the parametric style
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Melodinsky D. Parametric Architecture Practice of Art: the Delights and Disappointments. Architecture and Modern Information Technologies, 2017, no.4(41), pp. 6-23. Available at: http://marhi.ru/eng/AMIT/2017/4kvart17/01_melodinskij/index.php