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2(39) 2017

ArticleCHRONICLE of the FUTURE in scientific prophecy and PREDICTION
Authors N. Saprykina, Moscow Institute of Architecture (State Academy), Moscow, Russia

The article presents the trend of convergence of utopian paradigm in different fields of knowledge and in the architecture with design thinking. Chronology of the future presented in scientific studies and prophecy writers. Methods used in developing the projections as well as future design - design technology forecasting as a method of algorithmic design. Notes, that the development of new technologies of forecasting, such as Forsyth, as well as the creation of a diverse kind of expert systems is an extremely important innovation of modern science. Considered used in forecasting simulation associated with the appearance of "virtual reality". It is stated that architectural futurology as a powerful creative stimulus can have a strong impact on the identification of new directions in the development of architectural thought.

Keywords: science fiction, alternate forecast, scientific forecasting, technology foresight methods, simulation modeling
article Article (RUS)

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