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2(39) 2017

Authors E.V. Ermolenko, Moscow Institute of Architecture (State Academy), Moscow, Russia

The article describes the main options of the core spatial changes in the structure of the Museum buildings. The first projects of public museums expressed the idea of "Museum as a temple of arts". The culture of the time created some semblance of a centric Church, with the main sacred space under the dome. Central rotunda carried a significant, important meaning, being not only spatial, but also semantic-composition. The twentieth century witnessed significant changes in culture, art and, as a consequence, the architecture of museums. The Central spatial core began to lose the value of the temple, memorial, gradually replacing the semantic value of the functional, communicative, entertaining, and finally, in the abstract, expressed a kind of compositional planning center. The article considers classical museums of the beginning of XIX century and modern multifunctional Museum complexes.

Keywords: spatial core, «light-well», the atrium, the classical scheme of construction, modern museum
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