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Authors D. Ilicheva, Moscow Institute of Architecture (State Academy), Moscow, Russia
Abstract The article provides an overview of the most interesting, important and striking examples of improved areas and the renovation of the offshore water areas. The mail goal of the article is to identify the most effective principles for the use of coastal areas, changes in their role and image in the life of the city by means of architecture. Background is defined by growth trends in Russia to rethink the functions of territories and objects situated close to the shore. These ideas began to be implemented widely abroad in the first half of the twentieth century and were of a crucial character. The other main objective of presented study is to Identify current international trends and ways to work with areas located close to waterbodies and their modernization. The article describes the experience of different countries in this field, as well as the history of the use of coastal areas in Europe, America and Asia.
Keywords: foreign architecture, embankments, renovation areas, modern architectural trends, coastal areas, water area
article Article (RUS)
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