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3(36) 2016

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Authors V. Bozhuk, Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Abstract The basic techniques of thematic space design are researched in the article. The main goal of thematic space is to create dramatically positive guest experience. On the basis of practical experience of design review the basic techniques of thematic space design were specified by the author. The techniques of theming, maintaining the integrity and enhancing experience visitorss experience were markeu out. Styling, emboding themed locations and simulating behind the scene locations are the major techniques of theming that are used for conveying the symbolic content of the theme park environment. The techniques of implementing chains of narrative sequences and decoration making can supplement the environment. The techniques of sustaining the suspension of disbelief (separating by planning tools, shielding, themed camouflaging, using a unique design-code for each theme zone) are used to maintain the authenticity of the created environment and eliminate negative images. The techniques of dramatizing visitorss experience (creating a dreamy atmosphere, contrapposto, cinematic techniques) provide opportunities for creating the most expressive environment.
Keywords: entertainment park, design techniques, theming, thematic space
article Article (RUS)
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