Список  преподавательского состава проектных групп III курса на 2019/2020 уч.г.

Post-graduate course

The institute offers full time , part-time and  paid postgraduate courses.  Terms of studies - 2 years.

Deadline for submitting papers and introductory abstract : first week of September.

Date of Examination : October.


Specialization 18.00.01.

“Theory and history of architecture, restoration and reconstruction of historical and architectural heritage”.


·        History of Architecture and Town-planning.

·        Soviet and Modern Foreign Architecture

·        Restoration and Reconstruction in Architecture

·        Bases of Architectural Planning

·        Bases of The Theory of Town-planning


Specialization 18.00.02.

“Architecture of  buildings. Creative architectural concepts”


·        Architectural Planning of Dwelling Houses

·        Architectural Planning of Public Houses

·        Architecture of Industrial Buildings

·        Design of Architectural environment

Specialization 18.00.04

"Town-planning, planning of rural settlements”


·        Town-planning

·        Bases of The Theory of Town-planning

·        Landscape Architecture

·        Architecture and planning of rural settlements.


List of examinations:

  • Specialization: Examinational abstract (6hours)
  •  Philosophy
  • Foreign language


List of required documents:

  • Application (you must notice specialization and name of the chair)
  • Copy of the diploma
  • Personal list  (profile)
  • Two photos 3x4  cm  (mated)
  • Introductory abstract.
  • Certificate of candidate examinations (if been passed)


Students of  foreign citizenship can be accepted into post-graduate course only on a paid department.